Best Smart Locks for Your Home

All these deadbolt replacements are suitable for houses, but what if you’re an apartment-dweller? You could put one on your front door, but with a buzzer-controlled outer door, you lose one of a smart lock’s favorite functions: letting people in when you’re not home.

To solve this problem, French company called Ikilock (yes, pronounced “icky-lock”) is taking preorders on the wood-tone Ikiplug box, a remote doorman that lets you remotely trigger your intercom to open the outer building door.

The system begins inside your apartment with the AC-powered Ikicenter hub, which lets control your lock from anywhere. The matching oblong Ikilock is a replacement smart lock that can operate smartly or with a key.

The “key” piece, if you will, is the Ikiplug, a matching rectangular box you stick next to your intercom. Use the smartphone app to transmit a remote opening order, and the Ikiplug will trigger the intercom to open your building’s outer door. How it triggers the opening and what intercom systems it may be compatible with are unclear, and so far only a European unit has been announced.

Like the rest of the locks we’ve listed, the Assure lets you get in and out of your home using your smartphone. Hold your phone up and make a key-like twisting gesture to unlock the door. Though it’s certainly more awkward than the way the Kevo unlocks when tapped or the August unlocks when you approach, the gesture is designed to prevent accidental unlocks — and it’s still easier than fumbling through your key ring.

Hand out up to five virtual keys that let friends or guests unlock the door the same way. Additional virtual keys are $2 each. It’s less than you’d pay to have a new key cut for a traditional lock, but it’s still an annoying expense.

The Assure’s built-in touchpad provides access for guests who don’t have smartphones and lets you inside if you’ve forgotten yours. If you’ve forgotten your smartphone and the Assure’s battery has gone dead, you can power it by holding a 9V battery to the terminals at the bottom of the keypad. Enter your PIN, and you’re in.

The Assure integrates with a wide range of smart home options, including Zigbee or Z-Wave, which work with numerous smart home products. Apple HomeKit will join the lineup in March 2017. However, like many of the other products on this list, Assure requires an extra component to add this compatibility. You’ll need to purchase a $75 network module to add compatibility for your smart home system of choice.

While the Schlage Sense is as smart as any other smart lock, it presents itself with a more traditional feel. Assign virtual keys to guests’ smartphones (iPhone only, for now), or use the built-in keypad to assign key codes to guests. That flexibility gives the Sense more out-of-the-box unlocking options than any other lock on this list/ You can unlock it with a smartphone app, key, key code or Siri.

Like the August, the Sense is compatible with Apple’s HomeKit, so you can control it using Siri. But unlike the August, Sense was built with Apple users in mind. If you aren’t already invested in Apple’s ecosystem of products, you might want to pass this one by. But for Apple users, there’s a lot of convenience to be had. Instead of requiring a separate hub to connect your smart lock to the internet, Sense uses your Apple TV. If you already have an Apple TV, you already have a feature that would have cost $100 to add to the Kevo.

For Apple users, the Sense is an all-in-one smart lock with lots of unlocking options and no need for additional components. But for households that aren’t packed with Apple products, its limitations — like the fact that the Sense can’t be controlled over the internet except through an Apple TV — are probably deal breakers.

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