We are sorry, but we do not host an online backend anymore. It is therefore not possible, to execute any scripts online.

  • Cloud scraping

    runs entirely in the cloud. No need to download software, maintain servers or install updates.

  • High availability

    With Extracty you don't need to worry about scaling, infrastructure or security. Just deploy your endpoints and relax.

  • Rapid Development

    Your scrapers are already 99% done. All that's missing is a bit of JavaScript to select the elements you need.

Scrape anything on demand.

Extracty extracts the data when you need it. After creating an endpoint you can call the url and always get the latest data back.

  • Specify extraction selectors and action flows.

    Simply click the elements you want to extract and Extracty will generate a matching selector for you. Specify actions to be executed on the result.

  • Update the code and add business logic.

    Extracty lets you update the code it generated to give you full control. This lets you add custom logic and change the output to the format you want.

  • Create your API and start rocking!

    Currently Extracty supports accessing the latest data through a clean JSON API. You can even see analytics how often your endpoint was called!

Get started with Extracty today.

Start building Extracty endpoints and scrape data the easy way.